Juno in magi astrology

Even so, married couples without sexual linkages actually have statistically longer marriages than married couples with many sexual linkages. Get an Instant Report with all your sexual info. Sexual Dragons start with two Sexual Planets forming a natal quincunx aspect. When a planet from the other person is found on any of these dragon points in the couple's CAC, a Dragon is formed.


A dragon can contain a Yod, but can also contain a Mystical Triangle. This actually can allow a slightly wider orb for the third planet than is usual in Magi Astrology. Sexual Dragon can consume the two people involved- it is a sign of virtually irresistible and insatiable sexual attraction. Fosters the illusion of True Love, but in and of itself is only a sign of intense lust. Like all Planetary Geometry, Sexual Planetary Geometry greatly elevates the importance and increases the power of the planets which form it.

Planetary Synchronizations increase the power of synchronized planets, but not as much as does Planetary Geometry. Beneficial patterns of Sexual Planetary Geometry are more favorable than stressful patterns. Lust bonds bond a couple sexually. They are mutual and do not create the imbalance of power as is present in Sexual Captivations. Sexual Captivations create extreme sexual intensity coupled with an imbalance of power unless there is Saturn Balance.

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Can create desperate obsessions and can be very destructive. See list of celebs with this linkage Irresistible attraction that can compel people to find a way to get together.


Can just be a super-hot amour without complication or could blind a person to important facts or tempt them to abandon their values. After this the partners may begin to blame each other for the loss of attraction. Often this linkage indicates a relationship will not last.

Sexuality in Magi Astrology

Juno Sexual Linkages are the most commonly-found linkages in extramarital affairs. Though it does not create the overwhelming heat of other Sexual Linkages, it synchronizes the partner's energies and make them perfect complements to each other, raising lovemaking to a high art. Though this linkage doesn't create the immediacy of some other linkages, it does create sensuousness and passion and it makes a couple yearn to spend time together both as lovers and companions. This linkage can in some instances lead to jealousy. The Venus-Pluto linkage is also Golden linkage and supports making money together.

With this linkage too, the partners may begin to blame each other for the loss of attraction. This linkage is SO HOT that clients seldom believe it when they're told this linkage will burn out until it's too late. However, even as a linkage it can on occasion create some level of domestic disharmony. Juno Sexual Linkages always burn out if a couple marries.

Question from Jessica: Magi Astrology of stalkers & making romantic selection errors

These linkages are the most commonly-found linkages in extramarital affairs. Sexual Planets which form a square or opposition in a CAC. A Super Sexual Linkage is altered by the fact that it contains two Sexual Clashes, but single Sexual Clashes eventually lead to sexual disappointment and can create jealousy and possessiveness. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public.

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You will have to reach deep and come up with the ultra discipline that is needed to get past it. For these reasons, the success that Ceres helps bring to you has a corrupting string attached - in other words, for hidden and unforeseen reasons, those who embrace the success provided by Ceres become more self-centered and less compassionate. This ultimately leads to a downfall. Juno is also co-ruler of charisma, but in a deceptive way. A magical transit by Juno tends to help us gain recognition because our charisma is improved, but it is because people are deceived into thinking we are better than we are.

At the same time, a magical transit to Juno makes us unrealistic and delude ourselves into believing we are better than we really are. The usual result is that we experience a high and then a sudden and dramatic drop down to reality when the Juno transit passes. We get a high and then hit a low, like a yo-yo.

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For these reasons, this transit is generally a bad time to plan for the future, because all kinds of deceptions are present during Juno transits. Quadruple the emphasis. Quintuple the emphasis.

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