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Those born under this sign might seem secretive or scary, but they are kind and generous. Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Snake. Those born under the zodiac sign of the Snow Goose are resolute and strong minded. This makes them seem pushy and unwavering.

They compete with their internal critic only. Snow Goose people tend to be a bit self-destructive. However, they have an incredible zeal for life and an amusing sense of humor. The Wolf personality carries a heroic air. They understand and adhere to a hierarchy. They walk through the world fearless. The Wolf personality is one who moves through the day purposeful and with an unbendable will. Still, the wolf understands the depths of love. All that said, Wolf people can easily become solitary when disillusioned.

The Woodpecker personality is individualistic. They do, indeed, march to the beat of their very own drum. The woodpecker is understanding, organized, and resourceful. They are powerful listeners: This makes them great friends and family members. Woodpecker people can be romantic, but demand loyalty. The Woodpecker persona can be jealous. Still, the remain caring, devoted, and they are the frugal ones of all the Native American Zodiac signs. The language of love seems to be two different dialects when men and women try to communicate!

Everyone wants a smooth relationship free of melodrama. How can we avoid the potential confusion or misunderstandings?

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Do romantic relationships make you so nervous walking on glass seems more relaxing? Are you tongue-tied and twisted, not knowing what to say? I can hear your jittery heart screaming right now, my friend! What if I say the wrong thing? What if I make the wrong move? How can I do all I can to make this relationship last? So many questions…. In truth, Sun Signs are informative when it comes to the personality and traits. A horoscope or Sun Sign can arm you with knowledge.

You can go into a relationship with a modicum of understanding of why the possible Mrs. Right might react a certain way. Astrology helps you take the guessing out of the romance game. The horoscope can give you the heads up to avoid emotional hurts! Who might your best match be in a romantic pairing? What kinds of gifts might your friend enjoy? What likes or dislikes do you have in common? Find out now by reading all about the zodiac compatibility of your amour!

An Aries woman is all about her appearance. She loves looking good and makes darn sure of it. Of course, this makes for some great late-night cuddling in the arms of a knight fresh off the white horse! Are you wondering if you are among the most compatible with an Aries? Taurus Woman Compatibility: If you want a committed female who is serious about love, the Taurus woman will meet that demand and more. The Taurus woman loves the finer things in life. Am I right? Not to worry, it takes the patient Taurus Woman forever to reach that point anyway! Just give her the utmost respect and a taste of the luxurious.

Do you want someone willing to commit and who is not afraid of expressing his feelings? Again, the Taurus Man fits the bill. The way to his heart is to provide the comfort he needs. Do you want to know if you happen to make the list of compatible mates with a sensual Taurus? Gemini Woman Compatibility: If you need a mate with a happy-go-lucky attitude and a gift for conversation, the Gemini Woman is your dream date.

Forever catering to her inner child, the Gemini Woman promises you loads of fun. Gemini Man Compatibility: If you need pillow talk into the wee hours of the night, then look for the Gemini Man for a mate. Are you wondering if you are compatible with the extremes of a Gemini? If you want a woman who loves spoiling her mate and who gets into cuddle time, you can go wrong with emotional Cancer. Her passion is as deep as her emotions. She might prove a bit of a coy gal at first for it is her nature to be shy. Cancer Man Compatibility: If you rather have a sweet, emotional teddy bear at your side for the rest of your life, a Cancer Man awaits!

Friendly and fun, he can be super sweet and affectionate. Bear in mind though, the Cancer Man can go to extremes if he is out of balance.

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Are you wondering if you are on the list of the most compatible partners for the emotional Cancer? Leo Woman Compatibility: For those seeking women who outshine all others, the Leo Woman is the cream of the crop. A crown? Do you wonder if you stand a chance with the mesmerizing Leo? How about the angelic Virgo Woman for your next hot romantic pursuit? The analytical mind of a Virgo is as sharp as a tack. If you want a man who can see the bigger picture, and who keeps an eye on the future, Virgo is your man. Of course, she is! She is about balance in every way.

Libra Man Compatibility: Are you looking for some balance in your life? If so, start with your mate. A Libra Man is about balance in every aspect of his life so he can bring the same to yours. Everybody wants to hang out with him. He has a calming effect on people. Are you wondering if Libra is the mate you need to make your life harmonious?

Geminis are great matches for the Libra and, sometimes, Capricorn, too. Scorpio Woman Compatibility: Wondering why your pulse goes rapid and head goes faint around the Scorpio Woman? Keep wondering my friend. That goes for inside and outside the bedroom. If you manage to win her favor, she might just keep you around long enough to fall in love. Scorpio Man Compatibility: If you want a man who knows what he wants out of life, hit up a Scorpio Man!

His ambition powers his chase for all he desires. No obstacles stand in the way of a Scorpio Man and his dreams. Oh, and ladies, that passion translates in the bedroom oh-so-nicely! Wondering if you can handle a relationship with the spicy Scorpio. All other Zodiac Signs run a distant second but Scorpios can, also, be happy with Cancers and other Scorpios. Your dream girl exists — especially if you like girls who lead the romantic chase! Sagittarius Man Compatibility: If you demand a one-of-kind man in your life, then choose a Sagittarius Man.

Yes, there are many men born under the sign of Sagittarius, but each is unique and wonderful. You end up with a couple of typical Sagittarian features with a good mix of individuality. The Sagittarius Man can play the Byronic hero like no other. Do you want to know if you can win the heart of a Sagittarius? Sagittarius is compatible with Leo, Aquarius, and Pisces too!

Woman Compatibility: Okay, so you want a woman who is always in control, huh? If you are seeking a woman with firm family values and one who is genuine in love, a Capricorn Woman is the way to go. She also has an impressive amount of self-control and poise. But deep waters lurk below their surface. Man Compatibility: The Capricorn man breezes by all aloof and cool-headed. He charges into the midst of whatever chaotic scene because he knows he can fix, well, everything. If you want a take-charge of everything and everybody kinda guy then the Capricorn man is your soulmate.

Think you can make a relationship work with a Capricorn Woman? Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Ahhh…. Guess what? You might be craving the affections of an Aquarius Woman! If you want on-the-fringe, unique, and sometimes downright crazy, your Aquarius Woman awaits! To that end, an Aquarius Man is waiting for you! He is just as eccentric as you are so you can wile away the hours discussing all your favorite fringe subjects. UFOs, conspiracy theories, and the occult might be the topic of one discussion. Pisces Woman Compatibility: When you are looking for a deep and reflective female, the Pisces Woman awaits.

She swims the depth of emotion and emerges from them empathetic, deep, and loving. She needs a lot of affection and doting. Pisces Man Compatibility: What man can understand the true depth of the emotions you experience? Look to the Pisces Man as the empathetic male in the 12 Zodiac Signs! Do you think you have a deep enough personality to reach the heart of a Pisces? Scorpios are the legendary Pisces soulmate. Jyotishyam or Jyotisha is the art known as Vedic, Indian, or Hindu astrology.

Some astrologers suggest the horoscope type readings in India have Grecian influences. In India, beliefs include electional astrology and dream interpretation. People also believe in omens. In India, Astrology is not a pseudoscience. Instead, it remains as one of the important sciences people can learn. In , the Andhra Pradesh High Court made a judgment about acceptable schooling. The court decided students can pursue advanced degrees in the science of astrology. Three years later, the Supreme Court of India upheld the decision of the earlier court.

In India, folk beliefs remain an important part of the culture. Astrology and these beliefs go together. Per Hindu understandings, the celestial bodies have a direct influence on human affairs. But the Navagraha, which are planetary gods, are superior to Ishvara. At least when it comes to imposing karmic repercussions and justice on a person. The sidereal astrology zodiac system The Nirayana with twelve Zodiac Signs. The astrological concept includes an imagined belt measuring degrees in the sky.

This is representative of the wheel of the zodiac. The system is like Egyptian astrology with the addition of 27 lunar mansions. This system of astrology involves creating horoscopes for examining special influences. These influences are planetary periods Dasha. The Dasha hold sway over different parts of the soul. The astrologers find the system has universal application.

It means it will work with all astrological horoscopes. Elements include:. A Celtic Calendar with animal icons is another source of astrological information. Each animal represents a specific time. Using the Celtic Animal Calendar, a person learns of individual traits and characteristics. For a full astrological profile, you can merge Celtic Tree and Totem animal profiles.

You get more insightful information about yourself and others. It will help paint a fuller picture about personality, traits, and characteristics. Those born with this zodiac sign have big dreams and even bigger ideals. Helpful and willing to work with others, the Stag is there to help you complete any task.

Whatever you aim, they will back you up. You will find the Stag born are those who are patient and enduring. The Stag influence bestows nobility, high esteem, and pride. Those born under this sign show an uncanny intuitiveness. ESP, telepathy, and other psychic abilities seem to be second nature to these lucky folks. Like the cat, they seem to land on their feet with every challenge they face. Nine lives might indeed be their true gift. The sign of the Snake bestows a cool personality and temperament.

They have the gift of eloquence and persuasion. Daring and quick witted, the Snake persona is someone who takes risks, and fears little. It can take a while for the Snake person to warm up to you. Red is the color of sensuality, passion, and love. And Fox people are no exception to this symbolism! See, this zodiac sign loves to play jokes and be the maestro of merriment and mirth. It can be easy to see them as the eternal class clown. But never mistake Fox people for anything less than they are — incredibly cunning. The Bull persona reveals a personality who is loyal to a fault.

Stubborn but wise, the Bull only moves when they choose to do so. Not a moment sooner! They like to get comfortable and insist on it. These creatures demand loyalty and honesty. Cheat them out of either and you might stir the bull to wrath! Stability, dependability, and trust are the traits of the Bull Celtic zodiac sign. The person born under the zodiac sign of the Seahorse is imaginative and adaptable. They are exceptional with money management, and make great accountants.

With an eye for important details, they also make excellent lawyers. The Seahorse intellect is high even though their domain is the deep blue ocean. Their memory is like an endless database of information. The person born under this astrology sign knows how to enjoy life. Those born under the Celtic Zodiac Sign of Wren are youthful, insightful and amiable. Some call them sunny or jovial. They have a positive attitude and look to spread the attitude to others. Wrens are the happy-go-lucky kid in a family. Friends are easy to come by for the person with the Wren birth totem.

They have the kind of personality that is always calm, cool, and collected.

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They do not bend to run from conflict. The Wren persona has an adventurous spirit, but will not forego practicality. Driven and spirited, the Celtic Horse personality is aggressive when it comes to competition. Those born under the astrological sign of the Horse are talented and possess a good deal of confidence. In a crowd they are flirty, charming, and enthusiastic. They are often powerful and athletic.

The Celtic Horse intuition is uncanny. A leader or follower, the Horse persona is a person who takes great pride in the work they do. They have a bright perspective and are brilliant when it comes to intellect. Deep thinkers, dreamers, and humble individuals, Salmon people are quiet and kind. The Salmon persona is insightful and inspirational. They spend a lot of quiet time being introspective. Those born with the zodiac sign of Swan can seem snobbish. This is a mistake because the Swan personality is beautiful inside and out. These individuals are in a class all their own.

Swan people possess poise, grace, and composure as part of their gifts. They are caring, expressive and diplomatic. Another of their characteristics or traits is the gift for speech. The Celtic Swan is eloquent and can often be seen in jobs which require a goodly amount of public speaking.

The Celtic Butterfly persona is airy, flighty, and light. These sweet individuals are charismatic, cheery, and loyal. The spend much time dreaming. But, make no mistake, as they dream, they cocoon themselves and transform. Meditation serves the same purpose for butterfly people. They know the value of isolation and stillness. They are empathetic, family oriented, and amiable.

The Celtic Wolf persona maintains an amazement for the natural world. These individuals are curious and learn quick. They are brave and will defend their family, friends, and loved ones, even if it puts them in danger. This zodiac sign seldom compromises because they enter a debate with a sense of righteousness. The Wolf persona makes a wonderful friend or mate because they are faithful and devoted. If you are in their circle, you are part of the pack. The Celtic Hawk or Falcon persona corresponds to the spirit world. The sighting of the Hawk persona gives you the sense of something supernatural.

This astrology or horoscope sign is ambitious and a tremendous go-getter. If Hawk or Falcon truly wants something nothing and nobody will stand in their way. However, they are quite balanced in mind, body, and spirit. Their ability to embrace a higher level of thought gives them a broad perspective.

The ancient Celtic zodiacs signs differ depending upon the source you use. The non-traditional month Celtic Tree Astrology Calendar assigns a sacred tree with each sign. Each tree has an alphabet letter and glyph associated with it from the Ogham script. Rather, the moon is the determining factor in how the months divvy up. This is the reason why there are 13 divisions instead of twelve.

It allows for the occasional second full moon in a month. Ah, the beloved blue moon is part of the calendar system! What else makes the 13 Celtic Tree Astrology Calendar profiles non-traditional? Even so, they do correspond with birth dates. Besides, not every astrological system contains only animals in its zodiac wheel.

Some scholars question or refute the Celtic Tree Calendar. The argument is it has nothing to do with an actual historical calendar. To be fair, we should at least mention the calendar system. Despite the arguments against its validity, this unique astrological system remains popular. Below are the dates for each sacred tree. You also get a bit about the personality and traits a person has with each tree zodiac profile.

The ancient script Ogham consists of glyphs made of vertical and horizontal lines. There are 20 letters in all. Every letter has a tree corresponding to it. Below are the dates each sacred tree covers. This tree aligns with concepts of youth, renewal, rebirths, and beginnings. The tree represents new beginnings of all kinds and the celebration of birth. Those born under the influence of the Birch have a spectacular imagination. They are elegant but humble, and amiable. These individuals have high levels of ambition. They work toward their goals with unmatched enthusiasm. Those born under this have an appreciation for heady conversations and philosophical concepts.

They hold the power to transform situations so that they serve a higher good. Their point of view is unique, and they enjoy fringe subjects. Those under the influence of the Ash are intuitive creatures. They have special talents that take them far in life. They are self-motivators and goal oriented as well as enthusiastic.

They make superior leaders and productivity is one of their special talents. The people under the influence of the Willow are dreamy, creative, and intuitive. They have the uncanny ability to know things without knowing. They are dreamers and can walk between the physical world and world of dreams with ease. The memory of the Willow born is long.

They make excellent counselors, tutors, and educators. Those born under the Hawthorne influence private and public images that differ. They change with ease because they are flexible, open-minded, and adaptable. They have a broad perspective because they choose to take an elevated view of situations. The Oak people offer strength to others when they need support.

The wisdom of those born under the influence of the Oak is impressive. They tend to keep a positive outlook on life. They remain family oriented, and their compassion is limitless. Humanitarians at heart, the Oak people are at the ready to help those in need. They have a regal attitude and a fiery heart. They command respect. These individuals are social, friendly, and lead with a level head. The Holly Tree people know no limits when it comes to both compassion and generosity.

They love to talk too! The Hazel bestows high intelligence, archaic wisdom, and a near-flawless memory. They make wonderful educators and writers. Productivity, organization and boundless ambition are among the positives in the Hazel-ruled. First, they can be changeable, unstable, and unpredictable. They can pour on the charm and they maintain fine tastes!

They can intoxicate you with a charming attitude and sweet conversation. They remain poised and love all the beautify and fine things life brings. Networkers, they make friends fast. They make sure the depth of those friendships runs and remains deep. The Ivy is a plant that holds on tight to what might seem like an obstacle until it achieves the heights it desires. So too, is the way of the Ivy-ruled personality. They have no problem with personal expression and do not hold anything back. They love history so they make super writers, researchers, journalists, teachers, and historians.

They seek balance in their lives and have little trouble finding it. The Elder tree corresponds with the letter R in the Ogham sacred script. They are risk takers and adventurous souls. They do not fear death which allows them to live life to the fullest. Obstacles are mere challenges or puzzles to figure out. Though all women may be part witch, part angel, and part crazy, no two women are alike — we get to say this because Building Beautiful Souls is woman owned so we KNOW!

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The Aries woman is driven and she knows what she wants. Promise her there will be next to no dull moments in the relationship, and her heart is yours! But do heed this warning, my friends. Are you out there scouring the world for the most erotic, exotic, and seductive female? A Taurus female is all about everything beautiful, exquisite, posh, and sensual.

What else would you expect from a female born under a ruling planet named after the Goddess of Love herself — Venus? Watch out though. Taurus women are loving but can rip your world apart if they get angry. Thank goodness they seldom will! If you are looking for a Renaissance woman, with a plethora of talents, the dualistic Gemini is your gal! She loves the art of talking too. The chatty Gemini might not be a great match. A Cancer woman likes to feel secure in a relationship. She trusts only if the trust she gives is something you earn. The animal magnetism of the Leo Woman is due to her regal nature.

This is as it should be with the Sun ruling her every attribute! The humble and modest Virgo Woman will trigger your heart to go pitter-patter out of rhythm and back again. Feed her love of beautiful things and give her all the space she needs to remain independent. Cramping her into the shade will cause the blossom to die off.

She loves her circle of friends as much as her family. She is the embodiment of the social butterfly! But, the Libra Woman enjoys her space. Libra women are like that butterfly that dies if you touch her wings or you pull her out of a cocoon. She moves at her own will. If you crave a woman who gives off the air of mystery, then the secretive Scorpio Woman is on your list! She knows. In fact, she knows more about you than you might think. The Scorpio Woman has a way of knowing things and using her knowledge to her advantage. The Sagittarius Woman is empathetic and compassionate.

The Sagittarius Woman aims to make the world a better place. She is all about tradition and family too. No worries about bring the Capricorn Woman home to mom. Pace, artwork by L. Raimondo, colors by C. Artwork by Walter Crane and Ernest Fitzpatrick 78 cards, 66x mm. Riccardo Minetti, artwork by Anna Lazzarini 78 cards, 66x mm. Madame Lenormand, artwork by Ernest Fitzpatrick 78 cards, 66x mm. Artwork by Paolo Martinello 78 cards, 65x mm. Hsu Chi Chun, artwork by Leo Tang 78 cards, 66x mm. Filadoro, artwork by S. Ariganello and A.

Pastorello 78 cards, 66x mm. Aleister Crowley, artwork by Frieda Harris 78 cards, 70x mm. Italian edition. Maria Caratti, artwork by Antonella Platano 78 cards, 66x mm. Pierluca Zizzi, artwork by Roberto De Angelis 79 transparent cards, 66x mm. Marina Roveda, artwork by Simone Gabrielli 78 cards, 66x mm. Giovanni Pelosini, artwork by Giuseppe Palumbo 78 cards, 66x mm, Instructions. Code: EX B. Moore, artwork by Grzegorz Krysinski and Simone Gabrielli 78 cards, 66x mm.

Moore, artwork by S. Artwork by Erik C. Dunne 78 cards, 66x mm. Massaglia, color by B. Nosenzo 78 cards, 70x mm. Artwork by Renata Lechner 78 cards, 70x mm. Artwork by Nicoletta Ceccoli 78 cards, 66x mm. Emanuela Signorini, artwork by Giulia F. Massaglia 78 cards, 66x mm. Artwork by Paolo Barbieri 78 cards, 66x mm. Riccardo Minetti, artwork by Paolo Martinello 78 cards, 66x mm.

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Carole-Anne Eschenazi, artwork by Alexandra V. Bach 78 cards, 70x mm. Jodorowsky, Philippe Camoin 78 cards, 65x mm. Artwork by Roberto De Angelis 78 cards 66x mm, book. Angela Hartfield, artwork by Josephine Wall 78 cards, 66xmm. Conway, S. Knight, Lisa Hunt 81 cards, 72x mm. Watch the familiar Arcana as they come alive, and give a whole new depth to your readings!

Ralph Horsley and Alessio Cavatore 78 cards, 66xmm. Hardbox, instructions. Magnetic hardbox xx50 mm. Dunne, Kim Huggens. Code: KIT27 B. Moore, artwork by F. De Angelis. Dunne and Kim Huggens, artwork by Erik C. Moore, artwork by G. Krysinski, S. Gabrielli, S. Ariganello, A. Code: KIT35 M. Filadoro, L. Weatherstone Artwork by Davide Corsi. Wheaterstone, artwork by A. Mesar, L. Wheaterstone, artwork by C. Adriano Buldrini.

Laura Tuan. Available in Uk and Pt OR Marcus Katz e Tali Goodwin, artwork by D. Katz and T. Goodwin, artwork by A. Tuan, artwork by M. Lunaea Weatherstone, artwork by Antonella Castelli.

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Lunaea Weatherstone, artwork by Nicoletta Ceccoli. Barbara Moore, Artwork by Paolo Barbieri. Artwork by Antonella Castelli. True reproduction of a deck printed in , instruction by Gina Di Roberto. Laura Tuan, artwork by Antonella Castelli. Di Giammarino. Salerno and Walter Bruneel.

Fairchild, artwork by J. Hartfield, artwork by J. Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Hartfield e J. Alana Fairchild. Lucy Cavendish. Stacey Demarco, Artwork by Jimmy Manton. Angela Hartfield, artwork by Josephine Wall. Magnetic hardbox xx38 mm. Magnetic hardbox xx45 mm. Includes 12 cards size x mm, page color book. Hardbox xx34 mm. Glow in the Dark special effects. Includes pendulum, book and 4 quadrants. Magnetic hardbox xx32 mm.

Multilingual edition Uk, It, Fr, De. Mind, Body, Spirit. Shadonna Richards. Breaking through the Darkness Love always wins. Spiritual Encounters. Minefields in Our Memory. Alejandro Miramontes. Fitness by Verse. Languages of the Spirit Developing Your Dictionary. Jesus, Above the Rim. Proverbs of a Grandfather. Sr Kavara Gabriel Gee.

William J. Birnes Joel Martin. Julie Bruton-Seal Matthew Seal. The Test Incredible Proof of the Afterlife. C Regan Archibald Lac. Those Forty Days. Theresa D Hammonds. But God! Why Me? Jaymes Frances Crockett-Bush. Practical Mysticism. Mother Shipton Secrets, Lies and Prophecies.