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Some of you may feel like you are being pushed to your limits. Reality checks are seldom pleasant, but they help us rebuild our lives on a stronger foundation. Just because you have been relating in a certain way, does not mean you have to continue. Rewrite the rules of engagement. What are the things that are sacred to you?

Daily Horoscope 9 October, 12222

How would you like to build your life together? The perfect moment to share your hopes and dreams is now. Channel your inner seductress. Ready or not, here comes the change, Virgo. They are ready to commit for the long haul.

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The real question is: are you? Something tells us you are not willing to give up your wild and free status that easily. The more you get to know them, the more you will realise the depth of your compatibility. If this relationship is starting to feel one-sided, it probably is. Are you the only one giving, Libra? Understanding what you are truly worth will help you break free from an age-old pattern and reclaim your goddess status. Word for the wise: stay away from lending any money or resources this week.

But you can get to know them in an organic manner.

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Talking about shared interests is a good way to start off. Love and romance aside, you may develop a lasting friendship in the process. Embrace your sensual nature, Sagittarius. For some of you, this may be a time of exploring motherhood. The gods of fertility are smiling down at you. What others describe as loneliness, you think of as aloneness.

Because you just might find empty air behind it and a lot of shallow narcissism. If you have been going through harsh times in your love life, Scorpio, the Tarot says all that is about to change. Because the old phoenix has burned to death now or will wrap up the burning this week , and the new phoenix is now ready to rise from its ashes. Sagittarius, someone is going to offer you a hand of friendship this week. And you will, in all your Sagittarius innocence, embrace it with open arms. Because you love making friends.

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But the Tarot is cautioning you from being too enthusiastic. Because this person is being watched and they are not free to do as they please. And this hand of friendship is actually them crying out for help. Unfortunately, you can't help them. They must help their own self by letting go of the unnecessary burdens and responsibilities that are dragging them down. This week is going to be a dreamy one for you, Capricorn. One where you will find yourself fantasizing about your future wedding and the future family you will have with the person on your mind. Only, it will all be in your head.

Because your love life isn't really going anywhere at the moment.


At least, not in physical reality. You are ready for battle, Aquarius. The battle for the love of the one you hold in such high regard. And this week you will leave no stones unturned and no lines unsaid in doing so.

Well, keep fighting! Because victory will not come easily to you and you know that. But the fight for this love will be totally worth it in the end.

Weekly Career Horoscope: September 30 – October 6, 12222

You stood your ground, Pisces. You set your boundaries and you refused to allow anyone in who disrespected them. It's really looking up now! It is a day when just enjoying the time you spend with a partner gets much better results than analysing the relationship — and you both realise you make a great couple. You will be such good company today as Neptune helps you tune in to the way other people think and feel. At work, an extra task is unusual — but you ace it. Meg's collection has been developed to bring out the magic in each star sign.

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