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Highly recommended. The Soul Guide for One Year interprets outer planet transits to the birth chart for the year ahead. Astrology Profile for Women is our most recommended report for women, and is based on your personal natal chart. It is easy to digest, yet extremely detailed, and filled with important insights into your character. An excellent tool for understanding and fulfillment.

See Astro Profile for Women Details. Your Spiritual Path gives you a look inside. It provides an unbiased perspective on the characteristics that define who you are on a spiritual level. More importantly, it gives you a clear understanding of how you can best nurture and develop those characteristics that enhance your progress towards spiritual maturity. See Spiritual Path Details.

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This computerized report uses an ancient Vedic Astrology system of compatibility for an analysis of romantic relationships, with modern interpretations. See Vedic Compatibility Details. This suite of reports is ideal for the student of astrology with an eye on the future. It includes colorful and informative reports for the year and months to come, including personalized calendars, monthly highlights, and more.


See Day Watch Details. For students of astrology who want to explore the meanings of midpoints in their natal charts, the Midpoints Report includes lists of midpoint pictures, and interpretations of both natal midpoints and activated midpoints for the next 6 months. See Midpoints Details. The Career Report is a comprehensive look at the natal chart in terms of vocational aptitudes and career high and low cycles. The Vocation Report interprets the Lunar Nodes, Sun and Moon, angular planets, the Ascendant, and the second, sixth, and tenth houses in terms of vocational aptitudes, talents, and attitudes.

See Career Reports Details. This unique reading incorporates Sun-Moon combinations as well as Moon-Ascendant combinations. For example, if you have the Moon in Aries and a Pisces Ascendant, this combination is delineated, along with most other factors in the birth chart planets in signs and houses, planets in aspects, and so forth.

See Kid Zone Details. What kind of energies does a particular place in the world have in store for you? With the Horizons Relocation report, you can learn what relocation to any city in the world could do for you. See Horizons Details. This unique report explores the themes of the strongest midpoint combinations in a natal chart. See Midpoint Weighting Analysis Details. Get a more detailed look at your natal chart with these Asteroids reports that interpret the sign and house positions of 12 asteroids and dwarf planets, as well as the aspects they make in your birth chart.

See Asteroids Reports Details. The Fixed Stars report interprets Fixed Stars aligned with planets and points in your chart. Written by Diana K. See Fixed Stars Details. See Astrology Services Details. Looking for Astrology Reports? You can start and end with free sample reports. If you like what you see and want more, full reports can be purchased:.

Use this page to find Astrology reports about yourself, your relationships, daily horoscopes, and more. Learn all about the signs of the zodiac. Learn the meanings of the planets and points in your natal chart:. Born October 8 - This is a strong period for getting back on track. Certain areas of life stabilize, and you tend to work harder than usual. Work or special projects can be exciting and rewarding. Even so, there can be some ups and downs in love or with money You possess a highly creative mind.

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You have a wonderful sense of judgment. Although you will entertain some attraction to the mystical, you are largely logical. You can be a charming conversationalist, making each person you talk to one-on-one feel very special. Although you are capable of much hard work, leisure time is very important to you. You are more decisive than the typical Libra personality.

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You are creative, witty, and fair-minded. The following are our intermediate astrology main topics. Click on these departments to access multiple articles on the subject:.

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Chinese Astrology — learn your sign, element, and about the year ahead, , the Year of the Pig or Earth Boar. The Lunar New Year and astrological year began on February 4th and 5th, Both of you are rather me-centered in love, which of course can be somewhat problematic! Friendly competition can be invigorating, however, and can help maintain the vigor and excitement you both crave in love. You admire each other a great deal, although your pride may not allow you to show that admiration all the time.

The ego-stroking and flattery that you crave may not always be forthcoming with your Venus in Aries partner, who inclines to be somewhat blunt and unpolished in style. You may appreciate the simple charm of your partner, or find it infuriating. Your style of expression in love is certainly more flowery. Chances are just as good that your partner will find you exciting and infuriating at the same time! You admire his or her strength and conviction.

Both of you value loyalty, and both of you are very capable of giving it to one another. Your partner can be quite possessive, and might misinterpret your flirtatiousness as disloyalty, however. Leo and Taurus are both fixed signs, which means both of you tend to hold on to your relationships. This can mean that your relationship will last longer than many, although longevity does not always mean the going is easy! This can be a sexually magnetic combination, with the only potential problem in the bedroom stemming from your stubborn natures.

Both of you look for security in your relationships, and you sense that your partner will give you just that. In partnerships in which money is shared, how you spend money will frequently be an issue. The melodrama is not limited only to romance, but with money as well! You have much to offer each other, and mutual respect is likely, with the only serious potential problem is a clash of wills, as both of you are strong individuals! Sensuality, commitment, and pleasure are accentuated in your relationship. How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Gemini : The first thing you will notice about each other is that you share a common sense of fun in love.

Your partner loves to talk, and you appreciate the easy flow of communication between you and your partner. However, you might find your partner somewhat lacking in the loyalty and steadfastness department! You need to feel secure in your partnership. Despite these differences, however, this pairing is an intriguing and mostly positive one. How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Cancer : You want to be consumed with the desire and passion of love, and you feel threatened when a relationship feels like it is settling down.

Your Venus in Cancer partner shows his or her love in a more subtle manner than you do, as he or she tends to your basic emotional needs, often behind the scenes. Although you are generally fiercely loyal, your need for flattery and your infatuation with flirting may be distressing for your Venus in Cancer lover. Note that Leo is ruled by the Sun and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. These are two very different signs! The result is a distinct difference in approaches to love. Do not despair, however! With a healthy dose of tolerance, this relationship can work very well.

A conscious relationship is what Astrology can help with. Being aware of the different personality traits and needs of each partner is the first step to greater understanding. In fact, there is likely to be an enormous attraction between the two of you. More than most people, you both need plenty of reassurance and expressions of warmth in order to feel satisfied in a relationship…for you, to build your confidence, and for your partner, to build a sense of safety and comfort. Your partner will appreciate your sincere warmth, enthusiasm, and admiration; and, while few people can sate your appetite for attention and affection, your partner is sure to make you feel special.

Both of you have similar styles in love, and your pairing highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of your mutual Venus placement. Both of you seem to be forever stuck in the dreamy first stages of romance, yet you also look for security in your partnerships. Your mutual desire for long-lasting romance and passion, as well as security, can be satisfied by one another. On the other hand, you both demand to be center stage in your partnership, and this can cause some problems.

If you are in one of your melodramatic moods, who will come to your rescue? Chances are rather high, however, that your partner will be needing some fawning and special attention too. This is a very passionate combination with much potential, but it may at times feel like too much of a good thing. How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Virgo : In love, you live for the moment, fully enjoying the delightful passion and desire that is often characteristic of the first stage of romance.

Your partner, on the other hand, is a little more focused on the future. You express your love for your partner in a lavish, showy manner. You are consumed with the romance of your relationship, and often expect your partner to feel the same way. Your partner easily feels threatened by your experience and your occasional bragging sessions.

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In your desire to be viewed as irresistible, you may inadvertently make your Venus in Virgo partner feel insecure. The result is a lack of understanding between the signs. With a healthy dose of tolerance, this relationship can be handled. You will be thrilled that your partner is so very willing to compromise and accommodate you. However, over time, your Venus in Libra partner might refer to his or her mental log and start tallying things up.

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