Birthday astrology october 19

Venus enters Scorpio

Before the age of twenty-nine, you are likely to be concerned with issues regarding your emotional sensitivity and personal power. At the age of thirty, when your progressed Sun moves into Sagittarius, there is a turning point that highlights a growing need for freedom and expanding your horizons, whether through travel, education, or your philosophy of life. Another turning point occurs at the age of sixty, when your progressed Sun moves into Capricorn.

This is likely to bring a more pragmatic, orderly, and security-conscious approach to life.

October 19

Your Secret Self You possess a marvelous imagination and dynamic emotions but may sometimes experience frustration or disappointment that can cause you to become impatient or discontented. By exercising positive thinking, you will find it easier to let go of difficulties and summon up the self-discipline needed to live up to your great potential.

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Usually friendly, sensitive, and broad-minded in your acceptance of others, by developing your universal approach to life you increase your generosity and compassion. With a desire to always progress and advance in life, you can accrue special opportunities for success. Ambitious and competitive, with a quick intelligence, you are usually willing to work hard to accomplish your objectives.

If you avoid the responsibility needed to fulfill your destiny, however, you may not be able to satisfy your strong need to build something of permanent value. If you fulfill your high calling and leadership potential, you are likely to be at the forefront of your career, particularly in the field of law, education, or business. Dramatic and expressive, you may enjoy occupations that allow you to be creative, such as in the world of art or entertainment.

Alternatively, a strong sense of duty and a sensitive and caring nature suggest that you may be drawn to occupations that involve helping others, such as in public service, medicine, or the healing world generally. Having a strong imagination and sense of vision, you may wish to use this in careers in film or advertising.

October 19 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

Numerology Emotional sensitivity and creativity are two of the attributes of a number 23 birthday. Usually you are versatile and a quick thinker, with a professional attitude and a mind full of inventive ideas.

October 19, 1940 Birthday Facts

With the number 23 influence, you can learn new subjects easily but may prefer practice to theory. You are fond of travel, adventure, and meeting new people; the restlessness implied by the number 23 urges you to try many different kinds of experience and helps you adapt to make the best of any situation. The subinfluence of the number 10 month indicates that you possess inner strength and great depth and are fiercely loyal. These qualities enable you to be brave and rise above difficulties. Self-reliant and purposeful, you prefer to be in control.

Although you hide your feelings, your idealistic and truthful nature indicates that when you speak out, you can be brutally frank.

Born on October 19th Horoscope: Lucky Numbers, Days, Colors, Birthstones, Tarot Card..

You often consider every form of detail that is passed to you as something that must be treated with utmost care. In addition to this, you are most likely going to be an objective individual that is very focused and diligent. You often do everything possible to ensure that you overcome the problems that are prone to you on your way to success. According to the 19 October astrology , you are going to be a persuasive and inspirational lover who is honest and diplomatic. The negative traits that are known to the October 19 horoscope personality are numerous.

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In fact, they are most likely going to make you lose a lot of your positive traits. You are also going to be a weak fellow who has too much stress because of your workaholic nature. Moreover, you tend to be aloof, outspoken and bothered. The October 19th birthday meaning shows that you are going to be the fastidious person who is most likely going to be too compelling and subjective. You need to learn how to be less sarcastic and boastful.

Learn how to be less worrying by trying to relate to people around you well. Moreover, you need to be a faithful lover who is understanding and caring. As a result of the 19th October personality , you are most likely going to be a shallow fellow that is mistrustful with the plans and believe of others.

October 19 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

You tend to be engulfed by the problems and challenges which could make you lose a lot of things. Moreover, you tend to be an inconvincible person who cannot be easily convinced. The person that is born today October 19 is an understanding and intelligent lover who is caring and patient. You are most likely going to be a balanced and accomplishing individual that is enthusiastic and imaginative.

Moreover, you are a reliable person whom people finds highly difficult to fall for. Based on the October 19 love life , your heart is most likely going to be conquered by a trustworthy and energetic lover who is self-developed. You are also an emotional lover who is prone to unrequited love whenever you are in an impulsive relationship. The October 19th meaning reveals that you find it very difficult to fall in love with someone, but when you fall in love, you often try everything possible to care for your lover.

You are most likely going to be a responsible lover who is judgmental and responsible. Based on the 19th October compatibility , you are also most likely going to be compatible with an individual that is born on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th,22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st. Apart from this, you are going to be compatible with a Gemini and an Aquarius while you are least compatible with a native of Aries.

Your horoscope also shows that you are a lover of money who always want money, position, and satisfaction to serve as the foundation of your career. You are most likely going to find a lot of difficulties in choosing a job as a result of your numerous talents and intelligence. Moreover, the most suitable jobs for you are the jobs that are related to psychology, law, and medicine. In addition to this, you often save for the future as you believe in the protection of your future and that of your unborn children. The October 19th astrology predictions show that your health is one of the best on earth as you do not always have the difficult health issues that other people of your age often have.

In fact, your health is least prone to frequent sickness. However, the most common health issues that are known to you are health-related health issues, and your actions and inactions cause these. You are most likely going to be a workaholic who finds it very difficult to rest or sleep due to the numerous works you have.

Learn how to eat food at the right time especially breakfast. The more you skip your breakfast, the slower metabolism. Moreover, you need to be competitive and sporty with the 19 October personality for you to overcome your health issues that are connected to your personality.

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  5. Your personality has a cardinal connection with the element which is known as your paired element. This makes your personality have most of the October 19th characteristics of the element. Your element is the air , and it is the reason for your intellectualism. The 19th October zodiac sign shows that your element is dependable on the type of situation and mood you are. Moreover, you are most likely going to be a strong and fierce person who is aggressive and full of himself or herself.

    You need to be less negative by avoiding any form of a negative trait your element possesses. Someone that is born on this day is going to be a native of Sun , Mercury , and Venus as a result of the October 19 birthday. You are going to be an interesting and intelligent individual with a high mental ability due to the rulership of your decan, third decan, by Mercury. You are also going to be an individualistic person that is charming, passionate and caring.

    October 19th, , Saturday | 13 Must Know Facts

    In addition to this, you will be a loving person who is caring, understanding and innovative as a result of Venus, your zodiac symbol. Moreover, you are going to have the Sun as the ruler of the 19th October numerology. This would make you a luminary who shows to the world way to success. Bronze and Copper are lucky metals for the October 19th birthday personality.