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Are you looking to make extra cash during this time? If so look back at ways you have made money in the past. Re-approach an old employer or revive a side hustle. Have a stocktake of those talents and skills and also at the resources you have at your fingertips that can yield extra income. If you have been waiting for money to turn up that you are owed, Mercury retro could deliver it. Look closer this week. In a nutshell: See yourself as your own best asset this week. And have the confidence to go after whatever it is you want.

Revive the dream now Venus finally heads direct again in your goals sector.

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Old friends and old dreams may have featured during this cycle. Now, take what you have reconnected to, reshape it and move forward. While Venus may be forward once more, Mercury in your 1 st heads backwards from the 17 th and will remain so until Dec 6. Just take it that everything that possibly can go wrong, will go wrong if it can. Because this retrograde covers anything and everything, this means you get second chances at just about anything.

Stop and think for a moment what this means. Not just the Mercury-ruled stuff but anything at all. Think about what you would like to do, experience, try or even say again. Mars enters your 4 th this week. The warrior planet is hardly comfy in your house of throw cushions, cupcakes and everything hygge and nurturing. Mars is all about action.

In your 4 th it can make you cranky about really trivial and unimportant things such as your roommate leaving their coffee cup on the draining board or your kid dropping their dirty socks on the floor. Even though this happens every single other day and you take no notice.

However Mars in here is great for making changes to your home, redecorating or even solving problems — whether yours or someone close to you. Going back over the past and looking at where you came from — especially in family or emotional terms, can set you up for a more secure future. Face those insecurities once and for all. In a nutshell: Want a second chance? At anything you regret or can think of? Revive that dream. What do you need to say that you have been putting off, Capricorn?

No matter what, you can rest assured what needs to be said will be now whether you believe you have the courage to say it or not. Championing those ideas will be easy for you and you can easily win others over to your point of view. Back up what you say with action. If you say it — mean it and be prepared to follow through especially if what you end up saying involves some kind of ultimatum. However, Mercury is retrograde in your 12 th the day after and will remain so until Dec 6.

This is your house of the past and also secrets. Either situation may require you to say what needs to be said. Your 12 th rules the occult and Mercury retro in here offers you the opportunity to pick up psychic studies again or reconnect to your creativity. Do you need to let go of something? Say it like it is, Capricorn. Say what you need to say. Grab opportunity when it arrives as if you hesitate, opportunity may move in another direction.

Mars in your 1 st fills you with confidence and this week could put you on the receiving end of news or a sudden surprise thanks to ruler Uranus. You could need to jump straight in to make the most of it and lucky for you, Mars hands you the ability to do just that. It could involve a leap of faith and this could just be in your own ability to make the right choice.

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This week sees both progress and reversals. Venus finally heads direct in your house of expansion, opportunity and luck. Putting love and all bank account boosting activities, back on the table. However, Mercury turns retrograde in your 11 th of all things Aquarian-centric from the 17 th. Now all the usual retrograde rules apply here. Check for continued relevance.

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Nothing lasts long not even a Mercury retro it ends on Dec 6. Reconnect under this influence even as you dive into something exciting, new and unexpected this week. In a nutshell: A sudden opportunity or news may require a quick decision. Go with your gut feeling on this Aquarius.

Focus your desires and know what you want now as Mars enters your 1 st this week. This is no time to be a wallflower or sit on the sidelines. Mars says life is a contact sport. Does the action bring in the new choices, situations, people to tempt you? What came first — the desire or the action?

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Set things in motion and then you decide what came first. This is your house of power money and sex. While Venus is in forward motion once more, a day later Mercury turns retrograde in your 10 th of career matters. The usual Retrograde Rules apply but with Mercury backwards in here your key word is rehearse. If attending an important meeting, presentation or interview: rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

Also, do your research and have the answers to hand. You will get caught out if you do. Mercury retro in your 10 th favours going back to a past career, reapproaching past employers or clients you have contacted before or recommitting to a long term goal. No matter what happened the first time, you could get a different answer the second time you ask.

Know what it is you want to achieve — and rehearse what you need to do to get it this week. Tags Angel oracle Astrology astrology reading Athen Chimenti Barbara Goldsmith Berry Jones Colette Baron-Reid daily astrology David Palmer Debra Silverman energy report full moon Gregory Scott horoscope predictions horoscope readings Kapiel Raaj Love horoscope Michele Knight Michelle Patterson monthly astrology monthly horoscope monthly tarot monthly tarot horoscopes Nadiya Shah New Moon Patrick Arundell psychic horoscope Psychic Reading Scarlet Moon sidereal astrology Steve Judd Tarot Tarot Tilly Terence Guardino Tom Lescher Vedic astrology weekend astrology weekend horoscope weekend tarot weekly astrology weekly energy report weekly horoscope weekly oracle reading weekly tarot weekly tarot horoscopes This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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You're sitting in the seat of your power right now, in spite of kind of a weird relationship or connection that's happening right now. Use the Mars in Pisces energy to recharge your batteries as much as possible. Be sure to join me on my new channel where I'm delving into kick-ass new spiritual topics and non-spiritual just kidding, everything is spiritual! I'm having so much fun over there and there so much planned, so check it out if you get a chance! JaneInternational Comprehensive Readings: I cannot extend enough gratitude for all of you - have an amazing thanksgiving!

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