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We invite you to meet our astrologers in person. The sitting extends for 15 Minutes. In vedic astrology education of a child is seen from the 2, 4, 5 and 9th house in kundli.

Good News: Astrology Doesn’t Impact the Success of Your Marriage

Educational Prospects are calculated Know the best suitable time period for your business growth. Ask questions to our astrologers, they will help you to get the answer for your questions. This is a unique service, where we offer you the option of having a personalized discussion with our expert astrologer. It is our nature to constantly wanting to change and trying to improve the nature of the most lovable person, as per our ways, with whom we have to live our life or with whom we would be experiencing every joy of our life.

Love and Marriage Astrology based on Houses

But throughout the long journey of marriage, we are at times surprised and puzzled with the brain-eating thought that why we have this particular unique personality as my soul mate. It will obviously be good if you have prior information regarding the real image of your spouse with whom you are going to be married. Vedic Astrology has given the two most important parameters, which tells you how your spouse will be, and how will the relationship between you and your spouse be sustained.

So get deeper analysis of your birth chart based on the Vedic Astrology, and enjoy its wonders to the fullest.

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Darakarka works like an angel who will guard you along the way of your married life. Darakarka will guide you and gives you the ability how to not get into a disturbing situation with your hubby. To cut it short, it would guide you how to get rid of divorce, if there are any thoughts as such, and also give you insights in order to make your marriage long lasting. The universe has already chosen the life partner for you and through the bond of marriage, you will start the beautiful journey together on a beautiful note. The cosmos know everything about you and your life partner, and with the planetary transits related to your birth horoscope, the event of marriage happens and give you a relationship bonded with love, trust, and togetherness, that would last your lifetime.

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Married in , has a son born in is a trade union leader and has happy married life. Happily married with one son and one daughter.

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Excellent married life, has children and grandchildren. Three daughters and one son, six grandchildren and has excellent married life. Both are excellently educated, come from a family astrologers but there is a difference between the mental level of husband and wife in an otherwise happy married life. His marriage is good and has two sons. Happy married and two sons. They have faced some crisis in business but the wife, a lawyer, has joined a law firm and is supporting the family very well.

Summary of our findings Table 1: How old are the marriages? Table 2: Marriages in first 5 navamshas of Simha - It is said that marriages should not be performed in with Jupiter in the first five navamshas of Simha. Here we are showing how many out of these cases fell into the first five navamshas and even out of them how many were in the first and the fifth navamsha. Table 3: Marriage with Sun in Mesha.

MARRIAGE and Partnerships: The 7th House in Astrology

Brief write up about the cases Is a successful professional singer with a happy married and has two sons. In these forty six years of their married, they have led a very happy married life. They have three daughters and one son all very well educated. Their married life has been the envy of many. She is a lady doctor and her husband a plastic surgeon. They have two daughters and now earning very well in Emirates.

Venus in fiery signs of the zodiac

She, like her husband is well employed. They are orthodox in their outlook and lead an ideal married life.

In their thirty six years of marriage, they have had occasional differences only with regard to the education of their two children. Otherwise it has been a successful married life.

Astrology and Marriage Issues

He had a hole in his heart from childhood, had an ordinary educated career and joined journalism as a profession. Later, he joined television channels and is a successful anchor with his handsome face. Married to an orthodox girl, he has been leading a very happy married life with his two children. A very rich man with his wife helping him inhis business and has a son who is now studying in Canada, after a brief spell of study in Australia.

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The couple have amassed their marriage. The husband has some political ambitions in which he has not succeeded so far. Is a chartered accountant, has two sons and the marriage has survived all these twenty four years inspite of occasional marital tension. A very highly successful married life in his long forty eighth years of married life with as many as four children all of whom are very well educated and well married.

He himself is a rubber technologist and was educated in UK. Husband is an engineer and wife is a computer engineer, settled abroad with one daughter and son and are very happy.