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Peer through high-powered telescopes provided by the knowledgeable members of the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York to see rare celestial sights. There have been 19 occasions in which all four leagues have played games on the same day an occurrence popularly termed a "sports equinox " , with the most recent of these taking place on October 28, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the month. For other uses, see October disambiguation. For other uses, see Oct. Cambridge University Press. Jewelers of America.

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World Vegetarian Awareness Month. Activities that combine action or passion with grace are favored in this period—for example, dancing, playing music, and making art or love. If you are involved in competition, you could come out a winner. There is a vivacious quality to your manner that gets you noticed. A preponderance of planets in your own sign, Scorpio, at the time of your birthday this year suggests that you are likely to be presented with many opportunities to take the initiative and to express your leadership capabilities.

You are likely to feel especially comfortable in your skin this year.

The Sun, Venus, and Mars form creative aspects with Saturn, suggesting that you are more able to see things clearly and realistically. You may be recognized or rewarded in some way for the efforts you put forth. Improved concentration, a more realistic outlook, and a practical awareness of the limits of time all help you to make steady progress, particularly in your career, with your finances, and in your romantic life.

You handle money more carefully this year. Work takes on definite shape this year, and you can see results from your efforts, or at least foresee success down the road. Your tastes in music and the arts may become more discerning this year. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and squares Saturn. In terms of mental pursuits, you may often find that you have to make a choice in which both alternatives are desirable, but you must choose one at the expense of the other. Thinking and re-thinking your personal philosophy is likely. Mercury also trines the North Node, and you are likely to make harmonious connections with people through your mental, verbal, and communication skills.

Jupiter trines the North Node in your Solar Return, suggesting fortunate connections are likely to be made this year—connections that benefit you now and down the road and that enhance your chances of success at achieving your goals. A new relationship with someone that helps to broaden your horizons, expand your mind, and deepen your personal philosophy of life is very probable. Venus trines Uranus around the time of your birthday, which is a favorable influence for social meetings and events, and for situations that call for treating others with equality and respect.

You may lose your fear of taking risks this year, and happily embrace all that is new, unusual, and out-of-the-ordinary with regards to romantic involvements as well as financial undertakings. You are ready to experiment, but not necessarily ready to commit.

Pluto Direct! Profound Metamorphosis & Alchemical Truth! Sept 29- Oct 5, 2019 Astrology Horoscope

This could be a good year for financial undertakings involving electronics, technology, the internet, metaphysics, and the arts, as well as group activities. You have a taste for the offbeat this year, and this energy can bring sudden or unexpected romance into your life, perhaps a scenario that feels like love at first sight. Childbirth is sometimes associated with this aspect, if appropriate. Ruled by Venus.